How to find us?

Take ferry or plane from Tenerife or Gran Canaria. From the port of San Sebastián de La Gomera or the airport in Alajero there take the road to Valle Gran Rey to the hamlet of Las Hayas, which is in the West of the Garajonay National Park boundary, before lowering to Valle Gran Rey.

From San Sebastian you must take the Road South to Valle Gran Rey and the Park take the deviation (on the left) that says Valle Gran Rey by Las Hayas, is the next Hamlet, at the restaurant "Casa Efigenia - La Montaña" (has a parking area of land surrounded by large eucalyptus.) From Valle Gran Rey is the main road and after the tunnels, in Arure, take the first deviation to the right; the next Hamlet after the cemetery is Las Hayas. From the airport you have to take the road to Valle Gran Rey passing Alajeró, Igualero, Chipude and El Cercado and the next village is Las Hayas.