Discover the island of La Gomera

The island of La Gomera is one of the smallest of the Canary Islands. Caused by volcanic action thousands of years ago, the landscape is unique in the world. Between the green of its mountains and the laurisilva of the national Garajonay Park (declared a world heritage site in 1986), the island lives between impossible ravines and villages where time has stopped. It is known for its trails, unique to coexist with nature, possibilities to apprehend the silence, to know how was the Earth thousands of years ago. An intact nature in the Summit of the Garajonay mixed with stunning Palms guaraperas that dot the slopes of the island.

La Gomera also lies in the immense blue sea of its almost virgin beaches of black sand. The Columbian Island, where history was written capitalized when Christopher Columbus did his last stop here before discovering America. Where that memory survives in the architecture and its monuments with more than 500 years old.

An island to dream, to learn their ancestral traditions such as whistle, declared patrimony of the humanity in 2009, or its renowned cuisine with delicacies as Palm honey, almogrote, its wines or its pastries only in the Canary Islands.

La Gomera is all this and much more. Come and stay. You'll come back.

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