Restaurant "La Montaña-Casa Efigenia": A corner outside at the time.

La Gomera is one of those magical places on Earth where you can go to escape the passage of time, where one can forget the watch, the routine and the real world and immerse themselves in a land that is indifferent to the incessant change of seasons and years. And in this wonderful island where we find one of the spots that show us that you can travel in time only with view, the ear, the taste and feelings. This wonderful place is “Casa Efigenia”...

And everything began at the end of the turbulent decade of 1940s, when Efigenia and Manuel, a young couple decided to share his life and his passion for making others more enjoyable. "The neighborhood shop" released forward together. Business grew with the mouth as unique advertising, which carried the couple to expand it and finally create the sixty one restaurant where the protagonist would be Ephigenia, a woman born in gomera land that had grown since childhood between fruits and vegetables, taking them from the orchard to the Firebox with precise and artisans hands and the Firebox to the table with its friendly characterhome, and your people skills. Thanks to her, a small corner lost in this dreamy island has become a reference in the traditional Canarian cuisine.

Casa Efigenia is a place where dishes composed vegetable products of the land, only from spirits, stews until the gofio, or the delicious desserts are cooked tenderly and with the taste of who has lived a lifetime offer to others. A restaurant where every client is one of the family and where the character of the land is printed on each scent, every colour and every smile.

A restaurant that has not only survived the passage of time, but it seems it has been drawn to tell us, almost accidentally, the cuisine has no secret or artifice, the treatment has no protocol or measure, who is born with the gift of offer and comforted others, receives without asking for it. Ephigenia House is without a doubt the best example of good Canarian land.