Our complex is located in the beautiful hamlet of Las Hayas, in the municipality of Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera Island, just a few metres from the magnificent National Park of Garajonay, declared World Heritage site by UNESCO.

The rooms have natural light and offer views to natural landscapes, palm groves, to the sea, islands of La Palma, the orchards and gardens or mountains or El Hierro. In our typical restaurant "La Montaña-Casa Efigenia" you will enjoy the best and unique traditional food Gomera, this being a unique experience where, without a doubt, every colour, every scent and every smile make us believe, really, that the passage of time has nothing to do with us.

In the surroundings of the hotel you can enjoy incredible routes for hiking and tourism active, walks on foot or by bicycle into a magical, enchanted forest, ecological routes in an environment unique in the world - Quaternary era - you can do, you can enjoy our beautiful climate, the beautiful beaches of black sand and aquatic activities and you can delve into a popular culture that sets us apart. All this in a quiet place where the ways of rural life have changed very little.

The Rural "Jardin Las Hayas" site is located just 500 m from the Garajonay National Park where you can enjoy a natural area that is unique in the world, the best representation of the laurisilva, those happy quaternary forests that populated the entire Mediterranean basin. There are many routes and trails both inside and outside of the park and of all levels of difficulty, you only have to choose. Every corner of the island is accessible from our rural site and discover them, visit them and live them is recommended. You can also enjoy a "sea" of sensations on our coasts, from the wonderful and exotic black sand beaches to incursions into our flora, fauna and marine geology.